Zippo OUL

The Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter is a verastile lighter that is windproof and refillable! Great for lighting Candles, Campfires, Lanterns, Camping Stoves, and more.

If the Zippo OUL does happen to blow out, no worries because it will relight by itself! Dual flame source into one is a unique design.

LED light on the OUL for easily finding what you are lighting! This is an amazing feature as often times when needing a utility lighter, it is dark!

Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter (OUL) Zippo Outdoor Utility Lighter (OUL)
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Features: * 500D / 420D nylon * Attaches to Back-up Belt System® and web platform compatible


  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

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